19 November 2009


Haven't been swimming for several weeks, till today.

Back in the summer I joined a local fitness club, after much deliberation and soul searching. It is expensive, oh yes, even the "off peak" membership, which means I can only go during the week between 8:30am and 5pm. Comparing it with other public swimming pools, I need to go at least 3 times a week to make it worthwhile.

There is a gym and various classes on offer such as Circuit Training, Cycle Fit and Body Balance, but so far I have only been swimming. Never fancied using a gym - it seems so boring, as well as sweaty and exhausting. Swimming is different. Tiring, yes, but it feels so much nicer. I like the way it slows all your movements down, and you don't feel hot and sticky. If you concentrate on the water and the light and the reflections, or the feeling of the water against your skin, or the movements of your limbs in the water, it's almost like meditation.

To me, swimming in the morning is nicest. Before getting involved in my daily routine. This means on my days off. It is possible to get there before 5 on work days, but somehow I don't feel like it so much when I've been working. I should try harder, just one afternoon a week, I should be able to manage that.

I would also like to try some of the other things on offer, like Body Balance, Cycle Fit, maybe Pilates. Not having anyone to go with, I find myself reluctant to start. Which is harder, to learn to do these things alone, or to find someone to share it with?

Anyway, today I did 40 lengths in about 50 minutes. Which is the most I've ever done.

Question: is it better to build up to swimming a greater distance, or to work at doing the same distance in a shorter time?

Whichever it is, and I suspect that both have their merits, at least I have an activity that I can enjoy in all weathers to keep up my health and fitness levels - one of my main goals to enable me to enjoy the rest of my life in to old age.

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