7 October 2009

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Is it just the weather? Dull, persistently wet, Autumnal. Not cold, but shivery. I can feel my spirits sinking, and Winter isn't even here yet.

Could be that aforementioned feeling of not having made the most of the best part of the year. Time passing, mind and body showing signs of ageing, empty nest, boredom at work. Plenty of reasons to be sad.

Living in the country makes the evening seem long (no street lights). The endless green becomes endless grey-green, as the leaves fall from the trees. It's OK in the summer, but increasingly when the weather is bad (and sometimes when it's good) I wish for a change of scene.

I try to count my blessings and to think of all the ways in which I'm lucky. But I always think if you have to work at it like that, it's rather false, like trying to talk yourself into it. Of course it's good to be thankful for what we have, but better to be so involved with life that we don't give it a second thought...

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