24 April 2008

This morning my router at home wasn't talking to my laptop – no network, no email, no internet. So I typed this on the computer in the hope that I’d be able to post a blog later. The router appeared dead, but sprang back to life when I restarted it (with fingers firmly crossed). That would have been bad news for working from home tomorrow.

The same people who bemoaned the fact that I wouldn’t be around so much, now seem unsure how to relate to me. I told them before that I would still be around 3 days a week, that I would still be part of the team whenever I’m needed, and that even though I was going to work from a different office, I would still be in the department every day. But now when I put my head around their door and ask what’s on, I’m met with stony silence. Although they pass my (new) office door several times a day, they don’t pop in to say Hello. And no-one has referred any work to me, although I know they have been under pressure at times.

Well, it‘s early days yet. Perhaps they don’t know how to deal with the situation. Perhaps things will settle down if I continue to try and establish a routine.

Got loads done today. Almost sorry that it's my day off tomorrow! Me-time - how will I use it?

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