23 April 2008

A "normal" day?

Week 2, day 2 of my new regime: a nice Spring day today, and I'm off to work in half an hour. Mustn't grumble though, having 2 extra days at home has really paid off so far.

At work yesterday, I spent the first hour or two interacting with colleagues and teachers round the school. There were serious network problems and I tend to be the one that communicates these things to the "clients". The others are too focussed on solving the problems to spend time recognising the difficulties they cause to the users.

Then I settled down in my "new" office to do some serious work of my own. Two teachers were working in there much of the day as well, which was a little distracting. But apart from the network boss coming in twice to discuss ideas with me, I was left very much alone to get on with it.

Being left alone is something I have longed for, and it feels good to have time to get my head around things. However, I must guard against becoming a recluse, and always make the time to talk to the other technicians, and join in with their work when needed. They won't ask, I know, so it will be up to me.

Can't wear proper shoes to work at the moment as I had nail surgery last week, and it's quite sore. I'm getting up about 45 minutes earlier in the mornings to bathe and dress the toe properly before work. This gives me time to write here as well, which is good. What are the chances of me continuing to get up early and post my blog once the toe is better? Slim, would be my guess.

8 o'clock, time to put the toe sock on and go out to face the day...

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