16 March 2010

Time Pie

So I opened a spreadsheet and did some calculations, and I came up with a series of pie charts.  The one showing the division between my life so far and the rest of my life was almost identical visually with the one below, showing the current 5-year period of my life:

A third pie chart shows the comparison between my life so far and the time between now and age 55:
An arbitrary measurement...

But as a means of waking up to the passing of time, this is no more satisfactory than the Countdown method I described before:
Even now that my numbered days are less than 10600, I can't see it as a matter of urgency.  The pie charts are even worse - you can't tell that they are changing at all, even though common sense tells me that they must be.

The conclusion is inescapable - I have loads of time left.  Time stretches before me, a lifetime to do and see whatever I want.  Or not, as the case may be.

What a waste of time this has been.  Watching the clouds passing overhead gives me more sense of time passing than this whole exercise has done.


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