31 January 2010

No good with animals

Nothing is guaranteed to make me feel a failure than trying to work with animals.  Cattle and sheep take one look at me and run the wrong way.   "Come and help move the heifers"; "Lets go and count the sheep".  Who, me?  Whatever I do is wrong.  "Keep them in the corner"; "Guide them towards the gate"; "Send them down the hill".  WHO, ME?  I don't think so, they yaws have minds of their own.  What you need is a DOG.  Or someone who can RUN.

However, there is no point in complaining (though I do) because we don't have very many animals now.  The sheep don't belong to us but to someone who buys our grass for the winter (50p per ewe per week, that's why we needed to count them...).  We don't employ anybody to work on the farm besides the Farmer and me (the Farmer's Wife), and both of us have other jobs too.  A farm dog would be seriously under-employed.

So anyway, after today's fiasco I came home and did something that I'm good at.  I cleaned the car, cooked the dinner and wrote my blog.  Not Great Work, but useful all the same.

Equilibrium restored - till the next time... 

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