4 June 2009

Grown up kids

4kool is home again! Back from 8 months in Australia, working and sightseeing.

It's lovely to see her again. She has met so many people and had so many experiences, she hasn't stopped talking about it for two days. And she used to be so quiet!

On the other hand, she hasn't changed much. Already she has taken control of the spare room with The Sims on the computer and the TV to watch Friends and all her favourite programmes. Long sessions on Facebook, MSN and on the phone to all her friends. Not much to do because said friends are all either working, taking exams, still away at uni. Clothes and "stuff" all over the bedroom floor which has been so tidy for the last 8 months.

Before she arrived home, we spent last weekend with 3kool, who is working and living in her own tiny flat 250 miles from our home. She proudly cooked meals for us and entertained us with visits to local attractions and to the cinema (Star Trek!) Very grown up, and not just playing at it either.

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