30 April 2009

Feel the fear...

Recently I was following Leo Babauta's blog at ZenHabits when I saw that he used the phrase "Feel the fear and do it anyway". Now I know that this is the title of a book by Susan Jeffers - not a bad book actually, if a little too keen on the old "affirmation routines"... Anyway, Leo didn't acknowledge the book, he was just using the phrase in conversation as it were. But apparently he received a letter from a lawyer telling him that that title is a registered trademark, or is copyrighted or something. So he wrote another entry, all defiant and saying that you can't claim ownership of the English language. Dear reader, if you leave a comment (as I did) please don't ask for an email every time anyone else comments (as I did). You will receive hundreds of such emails (as I did) because this has really got people going!

For Zen followers, they have really got their knickers in a twist.

Anyhow, in my case, I wondered if a more apt phrase might be "feel the apathy..."

You often see people have made lists of "things to do before you die", "things I must do this year", "things to change in my life" etc. I think they're setting themselves up for disappointment. But I often catch myself thinking "I'd quite like to do that". So I'm starting a list of "things I'd quite like to do one day" or maybe "things I'd quite like to do before it's too late". It's a working title...

I have just added to the list that I'd quite like to start going swimming again, and that I'd quite like to go on another canal boat holiday, and visit Scotland with my parents.

I'd quite like to post to this blog more often, and I'd quite like to publish my list here too.

Maybe one day...

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