25 September 2007

Sick note

At home today, with a heavy cold, and feeling very guilty because I'm enjoying it! Being at home that is, not having a cold...

Over a late and leisurely breakfast I debated how I might spend my day. There is so much I could do. In no particular order, there is cleaning, paperwork, ironing, playing the piano, reading, writing, website design, jobhunting, listening to the radio, embroidery, mending clothes... I could go on. Although some of these things sound like chores, I always feel better if they are done properly, rather than skipped over hurriedly at weekends, or left till they become urgent. These are the things I would hope to do with my time if I didn't go to my job every day.

But so far I have: slept till 10; spent an hour over breakfast and reading the post; checked my email and bank account; looked at my list of ideas for blog posts; and typed this. Now it's almost lunchtime.

But it is the feeling of being let off the hook for the day that worries me. I've known for some time that I don't often find satisfaction in my job. It doesn't earn me big money, conditions are cramped and stressful, and I would class my workmates as acquaintances rather than friends. I should move on, but I don't do anything about it because my self-confidence is low, and I don't know what I want to do, or what would make me happy.

Perhaps I will phone a couple of job agencies this afternoon. Or would that be wrong, when I'm supposed to be too sick to work?

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